Name: Joe WalshAge: 57State: IllinoisParty: RepublicanNational Primary polling Average: 1.6%Career: Radio Show Host, RepresentativePositions: Reduce Debt, restrain executive powerSignature Policy: To beat Trump because “Trump’s a bully, and he’s a coward, and the only way you beat a bully and you beat a coward is to expose them, is to punch them”


Name: Andrew Yang Age: 44 State: New York Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 4% Career: Tech executive, founder of a job creation non profit Positions: Eliminate private prisons, abolish death penalty, supports nuclear power, voluntary buybacks of assault weapons, tax the tech rich. Signature Policy: A universal basic income of $1000 a month for … Continue reading Yang


Name: Bernie Sanders Age: 78 State: Vermont Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 24% Career: Mayor, Representative, Senator Policy Positions: Single Payer Healthcare for all, tax the rich, free public college Signature Policy: National 15 dollar minimum wage/ single payer healthcare


Name: Elizabeth Warren Age: 70 State: Massachusetts Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 14% Career: Law professor, Senator, helped set up Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama administration Positions: Split up big tech, medicare for all, free college Signature Policy: Wealth tax and cancelling student debt


Name: Pete Buttigieg Age: 37 State: Indiana Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 7% Career: Navy intel officer, Mayor  Positions: Improved healthcare, beat Trump, required national service Signature Policy: Expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court to protect Roe v Wade and overturn Citizens United.