Name: Pete Buttigieg Age: 37 State: Indiana Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 7% Career: Navy intel officer, Mayor  Positions: Improved healthcare, beat Trump, required national service Signature Policy: Expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court to protect Roe v Wade and overturn Citizens United.


Name: Joe Biden Age: 76 State: Delaware Party: Democrat National Primary polling Average: 27% Career: Former Vice President, Senator, Defense Attorney Positions: Reform the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) instead of making a new system Signature Policy: Clean up the reputation of the US on a global stage.


Name: Michael Bloomberg Age: 77 State: New York Party: Democrat National Primary Polling Average: 8% Career: Businessman, Mayor of New York Positions: Pro Gun Control, pro Climate change Mitigation Signature Policy: Economic growth


Name: Amy Klobuchar Age: 59 State: Minnesoota Party:  Democrat National Primary polling Average: 5% Career: County Attorney, Senator Positions: For bipartisanship, antitrust policy enforcement, infrastructure Signature Policy: 100 billion addiction prevention and mental health care plan with a focus on opioid pain medication.


Name: Tulsi Gabbard Age: 38 State: Hawaii Party:  Democrat National Primary polling Average: less than 1% Career:  Member of the National Guard, Congresswomen Positions: Gabbard believes in a significantly less confrontational foreign policy framework than the U.S. is currently participating in.  Supporters of the second amendment, for more substantial healthcare system then the Affordable Care … Continue reading Gabbard